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Search Guard (®) SSL is a free and open source security plugin for Elasticsearch which provides SSL/TLS for the transport- and REST-layer.


  • Node-to-node encryption through SSL/TLS (Transport layer)
  • Secure REST layer through HTTPS (SSL/TLS)
  • Supports JDK SSL and Open SSL
  • Works with Kibana, logstash and beats
  • Works with syslog-ng


The documentation for Search Guard SSL is provided in Markdown format on github. Feel free to download and contribute!

Downloads & Installation

You can install Search Guard SSL like any other Elasticsearch plugin:

bin/plugin install com.floragunn/search-guard-ssl/<version> OR
sudo bin/plugin install com.floragunn/search-guard-ssl/<version>

Please refer to the documentation for installation and configuration instructions.

Visit Search Guard SSL on github


Community support for both Search Guard and Search Guard SSL is avilable via Google groups

We also offer commercial support. Please visit our support page for terms & conditions.

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